Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to Omnibus Crazybus!!!

Welcome to Omnibus Crazybus! I hope that what I share here will be something at least slightly unique. I hope that readers benefit from the words contained herein and grow in their journey as followers of Christ, members of His body. I remember a friend asking me once: “What must one do to be a good Catholic?” He was a convert from evangelicalism you see and a “good evangelical” was easy to define: 1) don’t drink 2) don’t smoke 3) don’t gamble and 4) read your Bible. He had not yet arrived at a simple formula for righteousness as a member of the Catholic Church though. Catholic piety is not so easy to encapsulate and master. I have cherished that question and pondered it in my heart ever since. There are so many landmines to dodge in Catholicism; craziness that seeks to draw us away from the essential, simple Gospel message of Jesus Christ. This blog is one man’s attempt to sift through all the craziness that surrounds him so as to continue along the narrow path to salvation. This for me does not mean ignoring the craziness… just the opposite. There seems to be a tendency in the Church to close our eyes and pray that the craziness will just eventually go away. This strategy does not seem to be working. Let’s try a new strategy. Let’s expose it, analyze it and deal with it, using the God-given gifts of reason and common sense to eradicate it from our midst.

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