Sunday, June 19, 2011

McCain Fighting the Good Fight vs Illegals

Senator John McCain recently declared what we have all secretly been thinking. See the background info here:


I have long thought that these intruders were the perpetrators our giant forest fires and am glad someone has finally come out and said something about it. Others, seeking to avoid controversy, blame the heat, drought, lightning and other inanimate powers allowing the obvious to escape the front page of the news.

McCain is street-savvy enough to know that these poor Mexicans have no access to modern forms of communication like the cellular phone and must resort to more primitive methods of informing others of their location like the smoke signals of old. But he has left out other ways in which Illegals have been provoking massive fires all along our borders.

Have you ever had a real Mexican salsa? I mean a real homemade jalapeƱo and habanero stuffed salsa… It’s like liquid fire. One drop sets my entire mouth completely on fire. Salsa smuggling Mexicans, while being pursued by immigration authorities, often have no other option but to discard their sabrosa salsa picante; unfortunately creating a tangy recipe for a forest fire disaster. The Border Patrol now has to carry large containers of milk with them to douse these raging infernos before they get out of control.

What Mexican can go one day without a delicious corn on the cob? Their dependency on this dietary staple drives them to the extreme of cooking the corn in the most unlikely places. Even Illegals on the run must frequently stop to build a fire and roast their favourite delicacy. They often leave the still burning fires behind and flee, elotes in hand, from the Migra.

It is about time politicians began to speak out about how Illegals are ruining our country. Forest fires are only the tip of the sombrero. There are so many other issues one could mention like the pollution of our rivers by women washing their clothes by hand in them. Or the increase of obesity among our citizens due to their tantalizing burritos, tacos, flautas, huaraches, chilaquiles, and the list goes on. Car washes for just $5 is complete madness and is unsustainable. The carwash bubble will pop. You heard it here first.

While Obama roles his rrrr’s in Puerto Rico McCain is fighting the good fight on our borders and I am proud to say I voted for him. Our American bishops should take notice.

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