Monday, May 2, 2011


It all began at the end… of the Prince William – Kate Middleton wedding. Members of the media were in chaos. Come Monday there would be nothing to report… The news had been left behind for so long, with the media’s efforts so squarely focused on this non-news event that, like any great bender, it all came crashing down the next morning. The royal wedding hangover was in full effect on Sunday as media correspondents scrambled frantically for something to grasp to. With all hope lost they turned to the events being carried out in the eternal city. The Catholic Church is always a great source of news when there is nothing else to report on. They sought to tap the goldmine once again. But as the solemn mass proceeded in an aura of peace and fellowship, hearts and minds changed. Crisis turned to a religious moment. The media turned to prayer imploring the intercession of Blessed John Paul II for something; some tidbit of news that they can throw up quickly on their programs as they await the next exploitable event. The conversion of these hardened hearts moved the newest blessed and he heard their prayers and he delivered in a way that no one foresaw. While some attempt to connect the Catholic feast day dots to create a super hyper spiritual Marian conspiracy mega-event (beatification, Divine Mercy, Mary, Queen of Heaven, month of May, Sunday, stars aligned, etc…) some may never understand the gravity of the real miracle that took place yesterday: A Grinch-like heart expansion in the interior of the representatives of the media caught the eye of the recently beatified Pontiff and he delivered.

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