Friday, May 6, 2011

Language and the Conservative American Catholic

Well, Cinco de Mayo has come and gone and my margarita headache has immobilized me yet another year. In the process of expelling this sweet nectar from my system I often ponder on language and its importance in the fight for conservative values. Don’t take my margarita madness for sympathy though. America is English; speaking that is, not British. The term should really be ‘American English’ or simply ‘American’ so as to distinguish it from the European counterpart. American English is the greatest of all of the spoken tongues as is evidenced by its popularity throughout the world. It is part of the value system that our founding fathers established for us and that has been passed down to us up until today. From the golden coast of California to the sunshine coast of Florida, from the Bayeux of Louisiana up to the Motor City of Detroit, our heritage is the glorious English language. The illegal invasion of Mexicans into our most cherished American English states (California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, etc.) is an affront to our American heritage. American should be the language spoken on our hallowed territory at all times, except in worship, where we should speak Latin. Latin you see is the heavenly language spoken by the angels and by Christ himself (see The Passion by Mel Gisbson). Its sacredness comes from the fact that it is a dead language. The true scriptures come from the Latin Vulgate, which contains the original Catholic texts of the Holy Book. If the Latin Vulgate cannot be read by the faithful then the Douay-Rheims English version should be used. Its English is even more sacred due to its rare spellings and no longer used vocabulary. It is not a dead language, but a dead way of speaking, which makes it more reverent. True Catholic Americans worship in Latin as did our Catholic fathers and grandfathers. The Latin pronunciation in America carries a different accent than in the rest of the world; an American accent you could say, giving it its own particular American flavour. It is an American Latin, you could say. America is a land of traditions, language being one of our greatest treasures. In closing it could be said that the true conservative Catholics are English and Latin Americans who revere English above all else, except dead Latin and half-dead English.

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